Alarm Clock Ultra Free

Alarm Clock Ultra Free 1.7

Feature packed alarm clock app

Alarm Clock Ultra Free is a full-featured alarm clock with many other useful features. View full description


  • Plenty of alarm options
  • Includes lots of widgets
  • Tons of other features
  • Night mode is easier on the eyes


  • Can't randomize music library for alarm

Very good

Alarm Clock Ultra Free is a full-featured alarm clock with many other useful features.

There are plenty of alarm clock apps in the Google Play store but none are as complete as Alarm Clock Ultra Free. It includes a timer, stop watch, egg timer, nap alarms, and beautiful home screen widgets. The paid version gets you even more features like social network updates and weather.

The alarm clock function of Alarm Clock Ultra Free is actually very good. It includes a bunch of different alarm sounds and gives you the option to choose songs from your music library to play. There is an option to gradually increase the volume of the alarm for a less jarring wake up. There is a nap mode where you can choose between 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes for a quick snooze.

The stopwatch and timer included in Alarm Clock Ultra Free work as you would expect. There is even an egg timer with instructions on how to cook eggs. Although you may never use some of the features in Alarm Clock Ultra Free, it's nice knowing they're there.

Lastly, there are some really beautiful widgets that come with Alarm Clock Ultra Free. If you're a fan of the HTC Sense flip clock widget, this will emulate the look. Unfortunately the widget doesn't do much other than open up your alarms, unlike another app, Beautiful Widgets, which gives you a clock and weather updates.

Overall, Alarm Clock Ultra Free is an excellent free application that gives you powerful alarm features and a handful of other useful features.

Alarm Clock Ultra Free


Alarm Clock Ultra Free 1.7